Hashflare Update

Hi guys!!
Wazzup? Hope all had a lovely Christmas and a great happy new year. I want to give you an update on Hashflare contracts. So as you may know (or not ) on December 16th, 2017 I have invested 14.16 TH/s and today January 06th 2018 I have 16.21 TH/s

Hashflare Update

Hashflare Update

So as you can see with 16.21 TH/s I’m currently making 0.00232716 BTC which is approximately 38.63 USD but keep in mind that this is just the revenue forecast, you need to subtract the maintenance fee which varies day by day. Today I have a fee of 0.00034098 BTC, so I made 0.00198617 BTC which is approximately 33.13 USD. The maintenance fee for today was 14.65% which it wasn’t pretty bad at all I had days of 20%. I also notice that when BTC prices increase my maintenance fee usually is less, so I earn more.

My primary goal is to reach the 20 TH/s, and after that, I will be starting to withdraw the funds, if you don’t know, for now, you need to have a minimum of 0.05BTC to be able to withdraw, until I have the money that I invested.

With my calculations, I will need one month to make my first withdraw with my currently Hashrate, and within less than 3 months I have my investment back. If I do 0.0019 BTC every day which I will probably be making more because I’m going to have 20 TH/s I would make 0.57 BTC or 944.78 USD. In two months and a half, I’m able to get my investment back, but to be more conservative let’s say 3 months to get the investment back. I need one more month to achieve the 20 TH so I let’s say 4 months before I cash out. I still have 6 months where it will be all profit.

Let’s keep in mind if the Bitcoin mining difficulty increases a lot It will take me more time but Bitcoin may also rise to over $20k, so in that case, I would be making this faster.

I will be updating my journey once I have 20 TH/s. Hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys have any question comment down below

If you guys want to follow in my journey you can join Hashflare Here

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